Department of Community Services (DCS)

The Department of Community Services (DCS) is responsible for Engineering and Public Works, Code Administration [Code/Construction/Planning/Zoning], and the City’s Environmental Initiatives and serves as the single point of contact for all property and land development issues.

Inside Summit: An Introduction to the Department of Community Services

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  1. Code Administration

    The Division of Code Administration serves to ensure proper implementation of the state-mandated Uniform Construction Code, which helps guarantee safe structures for all building construction, renovation, alteration, or demolition.

  2. Planning & Zoning

    Discover information about various planning and zoning applications, forms, ordinances and government reports.

  3. Public Works

    The Division of Public Works contains various units that maintain City streets, shade trees, storm and sanitary sewers, traffic signals, public parks, buildings, and grounds.

  4. Engineering

    The Division of Engineering manages city infrastructure projects, including road improvements, curb and sidewalk projects, and city sanitary and storm sewer systems. The division also provides general guidance to property owners, in addition to keeping and updating the City’s official tax maps, preparing and maintaining sanitary and storm sewer maps, and other related files.

  5. Environmental Initiatives

  6. DCS Photos

    Browse photos of City properties, Community Services operations, storm and snow operations and disaster operations.

  1. Springfield Avenue Construction Project

    Work to create sidewalks on Springfield Avenue between Waldron Avenue and Broad Street will begin on Monday, July 10 and continue through mid-August. One lane of the roadway will be closed with alternating traffic from 8AM to 5PM.
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DCS Responsibilities

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