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The Dial-A-Truck program (bulk waste curbside pick-up) is an appointment-only service designed to assist the residents of Summit with the disposal of large/bulky items at no cost. A Dial-A-Truck appointment may be made by contacting the Department of Community Services at 908-273-6404.

CLICK HERE or on the flyer image to download the Dial-A-Truck informational flyer.  You may also scroll down to learn more and for instructions on booking your curbside pick-up appoint.

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Accepted Items

  • Items must be too large to fit into a passenger vehicle. Only those items you list at the time of your booking will be picked up.
  • Construction debris from renovation projects and business trash are NOT permitted for Dial-A-Truck collection.

Collection Restrictions

There are specific collection restrictions such as construction materials, hazardous materials, propane tanks, unsealed mattresses, etc. If you have questions or concerns about acceptable products, please contact the Department of Community Services at (908) 273-6404.

  • Items for Dial-a-Truck collection must be placed out at curbside after 6pm the evening prior to your scheduled pickup.
  • Landlords and businesses are not eligible to utilize this service.
  • Any non-bulky items or general trash may be disposed of at the City of Summit Transfer Station.
  • Tenants vacating apartments must schedule a pickup prior to leaving items curbside where the same Dial-A-Truck rules apply
  • Dial-A-Truck is limited to 5 items per appointment
  • Mattresses & box springs must be sealed in plastic
  • Doors must be removed from refrigerators / freezers BEFORE being left at the curb
  • Propane tanks must be removed from grills BEFORE being left at the curb

Please note that leaving unauthorized items at the curb is a violation of the City of Summit Property Maintenance Code and may result in a summons/fine.

2021 / 2022 Collection Dates

* Please note: Appointments can only be made for the next scheduled pick-up date. Booking future collection dates is not permitted at this time.
Dial-A-Truck Dates *
January 20, 2022 - CLOSED
February 10, 2022 - CLOSED
March 3, 2022 - CLOSED
March, 24, 2022 - CLOSED
April 14, 2022 - CLOSED
May 5, 2022 - CLOSED
May 26, 2022 - CLOSED
June 16, 2022 - CLOSED
July 7, 2022 - CLOSED
July 28, 2022 - CLOSED
August 18, 2022 - CLOSED
September 8, 2022 - CLOSED
September 29, 2022 - CLOSED
October 20, 2022
November 10, 2022
December 1, 2022
December 22, 2022

January 12, 2023

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