Food Composting Program

Municipal Transfer Station | 40 New Providence Avenue

The program offers residents with a disposal permit the option of bringing food scraps and other perishable items to the Transfer Station. Green Bucket Compost collects the food waste once a week, and then the material is converted into renewable energy at a food waste recycling plant. The six-month pilot program began in June 2022 and was made permanent in January 2023.  

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Program overview

Accepted materials

blue and white flyer with information on composting program

Why should I compost?

Summit’s waste is burned in an incinerator, which creates greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Instead of incineration, all the food waste collected through Summit's food composting program goes to a facility that produces energy without the need to burn the waste. This is accomplished by bacteria that break down food waste in the absence of oxygen, a process called anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion creates a fuel with a lower carbon footprint than the fuel created by burning food waste. Cleaner power means less air pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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blue green and white flyer with information on municipal composting program

How to participate

1. Collect

Collect food scraps throughout the day. Use a small bag or container placed on a counter or in the freezer. 

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2. Store

When it becomes full, empty the small container into a larger container stored on the back porch or in the garage.

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3. Drop off

Deposit food scraps in the large collection bins on the lower level of the Transfer Station.

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Transfer Station hours and information

Transfer Station entrance


40 New Providence Avenue, Summit, NJ

Hours of operation

Tuesday - Friday: 7:30AM - 3:45PM
Saturday: 7:30AM - 4:45PM
Closed on Sunday, Monday, and holidays



Call: 908-273-6404

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