The Division of Engineering manages City infrastructure projects, including road improvements, curb and sidewalk projects, and City sanitary and storm sewer systems. The division also provides general guidance to property owners, in addition to keeping and updating the City’s official tax maps, preparing and maintaining sanitary and storm sewer maps, and other related files.
  1. Construction Updates

    Check back regularly for updates on local construction projects.

  2. Documents & Flyers

    Browse all the documents and flyers available from the Engineering division.

  3. Engineering Permits

    An engineering permit is required before installation or replacement of any curbing, driveway aprons, or sidewalks within the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way is the space between your front property line and the front property line across the street.

  4. Engineering Standards

    View documents containing engineering standards for various city improvements.

  5. Garbage Routes Virtual Map

    View an interactive map of local garbage routes.

  6. Maps

    Browse the maps compiled by the Engineering division including street, zoning, tax and watershed maps.

  7. Project Planning

    Discover documents and updates from the planning stages of current projects.

  8. Resources

    We compiled some helpful online resources about weather and soil conservation.

  9. Stormwater

    Apprehend information about stormwater regulations and information.