Economic Development Advisory Committee

Supporting local business and commercial development in Summit NJ

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Mission of the Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • Evaluate current commercial uses and tax ratables
  • Review and consider land use issues, zoning regulations and ordinances that may contribute to the financial success of local businesses
  • Monitor unused, vacant or underutilized commercial properties within the city and investigate economically-advantageous uses for such properties
  • Coordinate efforts with county and state economic development agencies and advise the governing body and city administration on the availability of grant programs and economic initiatives


  • Michael Curran, Community-at-Large Member
  • Dwight Dixon, Community-at-Large Member
  • Paul Formichelli, Community-at-Large Member
  • Julie Keenan, Community-at-Large Member
  • Timothy McAloon, Chair, Community-at-Large Member
  • Jennifer Nordin, Community-at-Large member
  • Melissa Phillips, Community-at-Large Member
  • Joyce Yao, Community-at-Large Member
  • Nancy Adams, Summit Downtown, Inc.
  • Nora Radest, Mayor
  • Michael Rogers, City Administrator
  • Greg Vartan, Council President
  • Jaime Levine, Common Council, Capital Projects & DCS Committee Chair
  • Andy Minegar, Common Council, Finance Chair