Boards & Commissions

Each year, residents offer their time, energy and talents to the municipality, serving as volunteer members of City of Summit committees and commissions.

2017 Appointments

Mayor Radest 2017 Appointments - Organization Meeting (PDF)
Council 2017 Appointments - Organization Meeting (PDF)
Council's Resolution Confirming Mayor 2017 Appointments - Organization Meeting (PDF)

Individual Boards and Commissions

The Environmental Commission

oversees the protection and development of Summit's natural resources. It maintains an index of all open areas in the city and makes recommendations about their use for inclusion in the Summit Master Plan.


The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

has the responsibility to promote historic preservation in Summit maintaining and updating a survey of historic sites.

The Planning Board

adopts a master plan for the physical development of the city, reexamines the plan every six years, and acts as a consultant to the common council and other local government agencies on potential projects covered by the master plan.

The Recycling Advisory Committee

assists the City in improving its recycling efforts to reach its goal to increase recycling rates in Summit by 50%.  One year terms.  Meets as needed.

The Shade Tree Advisory Committee

is charged with creating an inventory of the City's significant and landmark trees. Members of this committee are appointed by the Common Council. The committee also makes recommendations for the preservation of landmark trees and to provide input on the City's Tree Management Program. 

The Zoning Board of Adjustment

 is a quasi-judicial body that interprets the zoning laws, and hears and decides the following cases
  • appeals of alleged errors in any order, requirement, decision, or refusal made by the Zoning Officer in enforcing the zoning regulations.
  • interpretations of the zoning map.
  • applications for bulk variances for properties where no other review is involved.
  • applications for use variances.