Shade Tree Advisory Committee

The Shade Tree Advisory Committee is appointed by the Common Council and is charged with creating an inventory of the city's significant historic and landmark trees. 

The committee makes recommendations for preservation of landmark and historic trees and provides input on the city's tree management program.
tree 2
Future home of city tree

Every year, the city plants trees in the right-of-way between the sidewalk and curb or within 10 feet of the curb if there is no sidewalk. To learn more about this program email:

How to care for your city tree

Summit Tree Species 2021

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Cover page of Summit Tree Species with pictures of trees and descriptions. Summit is planting trees

In 2021, the City of Summit planted 250 trees in public areas and along streets, working toward our goal of 1,000 new trees by 2023. Learn more about these beautiful additions to our community.

Regular Committee Meetings

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  • DATE: The first Thursday of each month 
  • TIME: 4:30PM
  • PLACE: City Hall - 512 Springfield Avenue
  • PHONE: (908) 273-6404

Committee Members

* Committee members are appointed by the Common Council.
Name Title / Role
John Linson City Forester
John Kilby Chair
Karin Pittle-Gale Member
Sarah Meiring Member
Jaime Levine Council Liaison
Paul Formichelli Planning Board Representative
Walter Gonzalez Zoning Board Representative
Perry Zipf Builder/Architect Representative
John Beirne Reeves-Reed Arboretum Representative

Photos of Trees Around Summit

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