Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • As needed
  • City Hall
    512 Springfield Avenue
    Summit, NJ 07901
  • Phone: 908-277-6400.


Committee members are appointed by the Common Council.

  • Paul Cascais, Public Works
  • John Kilby, Environmental Commission Rep.
  • Robert Rubino, Common Council

  • SADC member
  • Planning Board Designee
  • Diane Lioudis, Citizen-at-Large
  • Builder/Developer, Unfilled
  • Sarah Meiring, Citizen-at-Large
  • Marc Montefusco, Reeves-Reed Arboretum


The Shade Tree Advisory Committee is appointed by the Common Council, and charged with creating an inventory of the City’s significant historic and landmark trees.

The Committee makes recommendations for preservation of landmark and historic trees and provides input on the City’s Tree Management Program.