Historic Preservation Commission

Summit is a one of few New Jersey cities with a unique architectural heritage. Summit’s heritage includes building, structures, sites and streetscapes dating from the mid-18th century through the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. These buildings and sites are diverse in style, well maintained and still largely intact. As a result, the city’s image is that of an old town with character. This is what distinguishes Summit from newer, suburban towns with tract developments; it makes Summit special and helps uphold its high real estate values.

Keep the History Alive

Summit’s Common Council believes that its historic buildings, structures and streetscapes are an intrinsic part of the value of the community and are deserving of respect and preservation.

  Current Key Projects

  • The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) reviews applications to the Zoning and Planning Boards for approvals of zoning variances on an ongoing basis.
  • HPC manages a Historic Plaque Program to acknowledge the historical homes in Summit. Applications are available at the City Clerk’s office. 
  • HPC supports the nomination of historically significant properties in Summit to the National Register of Historic Places, and assists in educating residents, property owners and other interested parties in the benefits of historic designation.
  • HPC supports protection of existing sites that are of historic value to preserve the city’s historic character and strengthening design standards and guidelines to maintain the prevailing character of neighborhoods and historic districts.

Historic Preservation Awards 2022

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Historic Preservation Awards 2021

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Historic Preservation Awards 2020

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Plaque Program Properties

Historic Preservation Commission Membership

Class A: Knowledge of building design, construction or architectural history.

  • Mike Digeronimo
  • James Burgmeyer

Class B: Knowledge of or interest in local history.

  • Caroline King, Chair

Class C: Four members, Summit residents.

  • Jessica Roy Ekmekjian
  • Meredith Gaylord
  • Mary C. Haggerty Malloy
  • Brandon Righi

Alternate: Up to two Summit residents

  • Susan Brady Goodman, Alt. 1
  • Bonnie Morrison, Alt. 2

Bob Pawlowski, Council Liaison

Meetings and Minutes

View the city calendar for monthly meeting dates. Access meeting minutes in the Agenda Center.