Tickets, Fines, & Refunds

Parking Tickets

If you received a parking ticket and have questions, concerns or wish to dispute the ticket, you must contact the Municipal Court at 908-273-6166 or 908-273-6112. Once a parking ticket is written, Parking Services cannot assist you and you must deal directly with the Municipal Court.

Parking tickets may be paid online at: Summit Court online Ticket Payment Center. To avoid costly fines, the city asks that everyone park in the proper lots/garages and adhere to the time limits and permit requirements for street meters and parking lots/garages.

Parking Refunds

If you no longer need your Summit Smart Card, valid one-day Visitor Pass, or pre-paid parking, you may request a refund (Refund Application (PDF)). If your credit card was accidentally charged for more than one day, please email us at immediately or call 908-522-5100 so that we may quickly charge-back your credit card. If not, you will need to have a refund check mailed to you.