Disposal & Parking Permits

Resident Disposal/Recycling Permit

A disposal permit
 is required for each residential vehicle that uses the Municipal Disposal Area. The digital permit is issued by the Parking Services Agency and is managed by license plate recognition with no physical sticker to place on a vehicle. It is a dual permit for both this facility and to park for commuting purposes; it is the "Resident Permit" in the online system. The permit costs $10 per permit with a senior discount of $5 per permit.
Register for a permit using the online digital permitting payment systemThe Department of Community Services manages the Disposal Area, where solid wastes and recyclables are collected and marketed, and where leaves are composted. The Disposal Area includes a solid waste transfer station, where residents may bring household wastes (garbage and trash) and bulky wastes (large items such as furniture); a leaf composting area; and a recycling center. View the 
disposal area flyer (PDF) which includes a map and directions.
The Municipal Disposal Area is restricted to trash and other solid wastes from Summit only. Use of the area is free to all residents of the city; all other users must pay a per ton fee to dispose of trash, leaves and branches, and other materials.
Commercial vehicles must register at the 
Community Services counter in City Hall where coupons for the Disposal Area are available for purchase.

Downtown Employee Parking Permits

Employees who work in the downtown business district are able to park in designated municipal lots and garages. A downtown employee permit is required. Register for a permit using the new online digital permitting payment system. Employee permits cost $10 per permit which requires an affidavit signed by the landlord or manager of place of employment. Once an employee has a permit, they must pay for parking each day. Employees over the age of 62 can apply for a senior permit (proper ID required) for $5. The daily parking fee is $4.

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