On Street Parking

Street Meter Parking

There are various parking meters/kiosks in and around the Summit Downtown Business District (CRBD) and the Summit train station. Fees are required Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM. All parking is free after 6PM and all day Sunday. There is no meter feeding or meter jumping allowed at the on-street parking meters.

The time limits range from:

15-minute        EXPRESS $.25 for 15 minutes only

90-minute        $1.00/hour

3-hour              $1.00/hour

5-hour              $1.00/hour

12-hour            $1.00/hour

90-Minute Street Meters: The 90-minute spaces provide 15-minutes of free parking when the meter or up to 90-minutes of paid parking. Coins, dollar bills (exact change only), and credit cards are accepted at the street kiosks or payment through Parkmobile. There is no meter feeding or meter jumping allowed at street meters.

On-Street Payment Kiosks: On-street kiosks use pay-by-license plate technology for parking payments, as follows:
Step 1: Press any key to begin
Step 2: Enter License Plate
Step 3: Choose "Pay to Park" or "15 Minutes Free" or "Add more time"
Step 4: Choose the amount of time you need from the following:
            FREE 15 MINUTES
            30 MINUTES - $.50
            60 MINUTES - $1.00
            90 MINUTES - $1.50
Step 5: Ask for a receipt.

Payments can be made through Parkmobile. Zone numbers are printed on each kiosk. There is 15-minutes free available at the 90-minute kiosks both at the payment machine and through Parkmobile.

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