Parking Services

The Parking Services Agency manages 2809 parking spaces in Summit: 939 public spaces in lots and at on-street meters, 745 spaces for downtown employees, 733 spaces for resident commuters, 101 spaces for the library and YMCA, and 291 unrestricted commuter spaces. There are a variety of parking options available for any business, employee, visitor, or resident to enjoy downtown Summit.

NF Uber Ridesharing Program Tip

Tip for Scheduling Uber Pickups through Ridesharing Program:

  • Check the Uber app to determine wait times for requesting a car for morning and return trips. Projected arrival times for drivers are available by checking the app. It is important to properly plan for the car to arrive when you will be ready to leave for the train station in the morning and when your train will arrive at the station in the evening. If the driver has to wait more than two minutes for you to arrive, additional charges may be incurred.
  1. Pay by plate

    City Implements License Plate Recognition Technology for Parking Payments in Municipal Lots & Garage

    Parking Services Agency will begin installation of automated license plate recognition technology for parking payments in municipal parking lots and garages on Monday, March 20 through the end of April. Read on...
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