Resident Parking


Summit residents can easily commute to New York City and other major destinations. A residential parking permit is required to park in order to commute. The permit costs $10 per permit with a senior discount of $5 per permit. Daily parking fee is $4 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Machines accept payments starting at 4 a.m. Obtain permits online.

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Residents can park in the following locations (view Parking Map (PDF) for lots) with a permit:
  • Number 6 - Broad Street Garage
  • Number 7 - Chestnut Avenue
  • Number 8 - Elm Street
  • Number 9 - Sampson Lot
  • Number 13- Broad Street East Lot - currently unavailable
  • Elm Street – 48 street spaces available with a permit and the daily fee or prepayment up to 11 AM

Payment Options - Dollar Coins, Credit Cards, Prepaid Parking, or Parkmobile

Please note that the payment machines only accept exact change; no change is given. The machines will ask you if you would like a receipt. If you do, keep the receipt for your records. If you are experiencing an issue with the payment machines or making a Parkmobile payment, contact Parking Services at 908-522-5100 or email Parking Services and let us know where you are parked, your license plate and the issue you are having, please include a contact number. 

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    Repair work in Broad Street and Tier parking garages

    Repair work in Broad Street Garage begins 9/25 6PM-4AM for approx. three evenings. Repair work in Tier Garage begins 9/27 6PM-4AM for approx. three evenings, will continue through the weekend. Spaces needed to make the minor repairs will be blocked off. More information
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Seasonal Parking Payments

Time Frame
Daily $4
Monthly $80
Quarterly $228
Annually $864

Payment & Due Dates

Time Period
Payment Date
Due Date
Monthly May 15 - June 1
June 1
Quarterly May 15 - June 1
June 1
Annually December 15 - January 1
January of the New Year

Additional Details

If an individual needs to leave the garage or lot there is no need to pay again when reentering any long-term garage or lot, simply place the receipt payment for that day inside on the dash board of the car facing up so the date can be clearly read. If you change locations (different lot/garage), please call 908-522-5100 or email Parking Services with the location, your license plate and your method of payment.

Residents parking overnight with valid overnight permits can enter lots and garages at 3 p.m. daily at no additional charge, and must exit lot/garage by 8 a.m. Monday-Friday.

Resident Disposal/Recycling Permit -
a disposal permit is required for each residential vehicle that uses the Municipal Disposal Area. The permit is issued by the Parking Services Agency and is a dual permit for both this facility and to park for commuting purposes.

The Department of Community Services manages the disposal area, where solid wastes and recyclables are collected and marketed, and where leaves are composted. The disposal area includes a solid waste transfer station, where residents may bring household wastes (garbage and trash) and bulky wastes (large items such as furniture); a leaf composting area; and a recycling center. View the disposal area flyer (PDF) which includes a map and directions.

The Municipal Disposal Area is restricted to trash and other solid wastes from Summit only. Use of the area is free to all residents of the city; all other users must pay a per ton fee to dispose of trash, leaves and branches, and other materials.

Commercial vehicles must register at the 
Community Services counter in City Hall where coupons for the disposal area are available for purchase.

Finding Employee Parking

If you are finding it difficult to find employee parking, please contact our office at 908-522-5100 to see where there may be availability. If there are no long-term parking spaces available, we will grant special permission for that day to park at an alternate location. Without the special permission, you are subject to ticketing if you are parking illegally.

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