Commuter Parking

Non-Resident Commuter Parking Alerts

Valet Service Company Parking Issue

The Broad Street East lot is comprised of 60 Downtown Employee/Residential and 115 Non-Residential designated parking spaces. In order for a Downtown Employee or Resident to park at this location, they must have a permit. While the Broad Street lot is owned by the City of Summit and managed by its Parking Services Agency, the city has contracted with Park Plus Valet Services Incorporated to provide valet parking services.

At some point in mid-September, the city received complaints about how the valet service company was parking Non-Resident vehicles in designated Residential parking spaces. Prior to these complaints, the valet service company attempted to accommodate, at times, the demand for parking from Non-Residents by using some of the designated Resident spaces.

However, the city has always made it clear to Park Plus Valet that it must not turn away a Downtown Employee or Resident permitted to park at the Broad Street lot. As a result of the aforementioned complaints, the city’s Parking Manager, Rita McNany and the City Administrator Michael Rogers made the decision to notify the valet company to change its operations and secure the parking spaces designated for Downtown Employees and Residents with Police horses.

Prospectively, the city will continue to work with our valet service company to make operational adjustments that balance the needs of our permit holders and visitors to our community.

NJ Transit Commuter Alert

On weekends through late 2017, NJ Transit will shut down the Gladstone line to complete residual Hurricane Sandy storm work. Lakeland Buses will run a shuttle on a eastern route from Gladstone to Summit and on a western route from Summit to Gladstone on weekends from 6:30 a.m. (first train) to 2:30 a.m. (last train).