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Welcome to the Summit Police Department

Our officers and civilian staff are proud to serve and protect the City of Summit through proactive law enforcement and community outreach. We work in partnership with the people of Summit, NJ to enforce the law, preserve peace, protect all members of the community.

New Jersey State Attorney General Use of Force Policy

The provisions of this revised policy are a product of the collective efforts and judgment of the New Jersey Use of Force Advisory Committee. Throughout the deliberation process, each member of the committee worked conscientiously to reach a consensus in this area of critical importance to law enforcement officers and the citizens of this state. The New Jersey Use of Force Advisory Committee realized thatthe law alone could not achieve the goal of properly guiding the use of force by thepolice. The letter of the law needed to be supplemented with clear policy guidance designed to prepare officers to react appropriately when confronted with a use of force situation. https://www.nj.gov/oag/dcj/agguide/useofforce2001.pdf

Use of Force Policy Statement by Police Chief Bartolotti

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Police Chief Andrew Bartolotti presentation to Summit Common Council 060920

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Body Camera Program

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Uniformed officers assigned to the patrol bureau and traffic unit wear body cameras to capture valuable evidence for investigations and trials. It also documents scenes, interviews, and encounters between the police and citizens, promoting accountability and transparency.

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Prescription Medication Drop Off


Safely dispose of your unused, unwanted, or expired prescription medications in the drop off box located in the Summit Police Department on the first floor of City Hall. NJ Division of Consumer Affairs has developed Project Medicine Drop in an effort to halt the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs.

**Please do not dispose of syringes in this box. Click here for info on how to dispose of syringes with regular household garbage.

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