Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Investigator is responsible for receiving and processing internal affairs complaints that involve allegations of misconduct made against members of the Summit Police Department. The Internal Affairs Investigator ensures that such allegations are thoroughly and objectively investigated to their logical conclusion.

The members of the Summit Police Department are committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. It is in the best interests of everyone that your complaint about the performance of an individual officer is resolved fairly and promptly. The Summit Police Department has formal procedures for investigating your complaint. These procedures conform with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General's IAPP (Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures) and are designed to ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizens and law enforcement officers.

Complaints can be made by phone, in person at the Summit Police Department at 512 Springfield Avenue, or online using the forms below.

Information Sheets and Report Forms

Use the links below to submit a complaint. Use the Form Center links to submit a complaint online through the website Form Center. PDFs of the information sheets and report forms are also available below and can be submitted in person at the Summit Police Department or via email to the Internal Affairs Investigator:

Captain Ryan Peters                                                              Summit Police Department
Phone: 908-277-9380                                                            512 Springfield Avenue
Email:                                                   Summit, NJ 07901

PDFs: Information Sheets and Report Forms

Arabic: Information Sheet     Report Form
Chinese: Information Sheet     Report Form
English: Information Sheet     Report Form
Haitian: Information Sheet     Report Form
Hindi: Information Sheet     Report Form
Korean: Information Sheet     Report Form
Polish: Information Sheet     Report Form
Portuguese: Information Sheet     Report Form
Spanish: Information Sheet     Report Form
Tagalog: Information Sheet     Report Form
Vietnamese: Information Sheet     Report Form

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