Bureaus & Divisions

  1. Administration

    The Administrative Division is responsible for the efficient daily performance of the Summit Police Department as well as strategic planning to ensure that the Department remains proactive in its law enforcement initiatives.

  2. Patrol Bureau

    The Patrol Bureau consists of 2 squads of full time police officers.

  3. Detective Bureau

    The Detective Bureau is responsible for conducting criminal investigations pertaining to a wide variety of law enforcement initiatives - including narcotics interdiction. financial crimes. identity theft and fraud. domestic violence. and all other major investigative areas.

  4. Juvenile Bureau

    The Juvenile Bureau is responsible for building positive relationships with the young people of Summit in an effort to reinforce responsible decision making among the future leaders of our community.

  5. School Safety & Security

    Under the direction of Detective Sergeant Richard Proctor, the Department's School Safety and Security Liaison, Summit P.D. facilitates training, conducts safety assessments, reviews communications protocols, and serves as an always-ready consultation resource for the Summit Board of Education and the various private educational institutions located throughout the City.

  6. Traffic Unit

    The Traffic Services Department of the Community Policing Unit places targeted focus on ensuring that traffic laws are enforced throughout the City.

  7. Community Policing Unit

    This unit's specially trained officers are committed to fostering and furthering all of the community policing and community outreach functions of the Summit Police Department.

  8. Honor Guard

    The Honor Guard serves the community by representing the values of the Summit Police Department.

  9. Records Bureau

    The Records Bureau is responsible for the management of all police records and the coordination of mandatory reporting to State and Federal agencies.