Emergency Management


Our office protects against the impacts of natural and man-made emergencies and disaster on people, property, environment and economy in Summit through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.
  1. Communications Information

    The City of Summit has established effective methods for emergency communications to residents and businesses.

  2. Disaster Tips

    Download and print our helpful disaster tips sheet.

  3. Emergency Management Plan

    The City of Summit has developed an action plan to protect local citizens and property in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

  4. Home Emergency Planning

    Download and print this helpful document about how to prepare for emergencies in your home.

  5. Planning for People with Special Needs

    Educate yourself with this printable document about how to prepare for emergencies if you or someone you know has special needs.

  6. Safety Checklists

    Browse our listing of printable safety checklists so you can be prepared.

  7. New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

  8. FEMA Family Communication Plan

    FEMA Family Communication Plan.

  9. NFPA Fire Escape Planning

Summit First Aid Squad

Access the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad website.