Important Tax Information

Property Taxes

Tax bills are mailed annually, usually in July, and are due:

  • 1st Quarter Due February 1
  • 2nd Quarter Due May 1
  • 3rd Quarter Due August 1
  • 4th Quarter Due November 1

New homeowners who did not receive a tax bill at closing should contact the Tax Collector to obtain a copy. The Tax Assessor's office should be advised in writing of any mailing address changes.

Sewer Utility charges are billed annually and are due June 15.

Important Tax Information

All tax payments must be received in the Tax Office within the 10-day grace period following the due date. A metered postmark date will not be accepted as proof of timely filing.

Taxpayers enrolled in the automatic debit program must notify the Tax Office of any changes to property ownership. Failure to submit a notification may result in a tax payment being automatically extracted.

Taxpayers with unpaid balances of more than $10,000 at end of the year will be assessed an additional 6% charge on total tax and interest amount.

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