City Clerk


The City Clerk serves as the secretary to the municipal corporation and governing body, and local election administrator, providing a variety of administrative and community relations services.

Summit Clerk's Office OPRA Form

The City Clerk receives, distributes and assigns all correspondence on behalf of the Mayor and Common Council, including preparation of Council Meeting agendas, resolutions, ordinances, and public meeting minutes, as well as maintenance of official city files and records.

Summit Police OPRA Form

The Clerk also acts as general liaison to all volunteer boards.
  1. Election & Voting Information

    For the residents of Summit in the County of Union, the City Clerk presides over local elections.

  2. Licenses, Permits & Forms

    Browse available permits and forms from the City Clerk.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    Access information on Summit's Boards and Commissions.

  4. Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer for City of Summit Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

  5. City Ordinances

    Access a database of City ordinances.

Agendas and Minutes

Access agendas and minutes from Common Council and other Summit boards and committees.