Court Room Standards

Court Room Standards
  • No weapons are permitted in the courtroom or the municipal building.
  • Please remain seated quietly in the courtroom. Proceedings are taped and any background noise may cause interference on the tapes.
  • All cellphones or other electronic devices must be powered off while in building when court is in session,
  • Food, drink or gum chewing is not permitted in the court room.
  • Newspaper reading is not permitted while court is in session.
  • Smoking is prohibited by law in all government buildings.
  • Please avoid bringing small children to court. If you must bring them, please be prepared to wait outside the court room until your case is called.
  • Please wear suitable clothing to court. Shirts and shoes are required. Hats are not permitted.
  • When your name or the case you are involved in is called, come forward to the podium to speak to the judge. Do not approach the bench at any time.
Court Proceedings
  • At the beginning of the court session, the Judge will give opening statement explaining court procedures, Defendants' rights and penalties.
  • All Municipal Court proceedings are tape-recorded. Please remain quiet. The length of time you will be in court depends on many things. Some cases take longer than others. So, please be patient.
  • It is very important that you arrive in court on the day and time stated on your ticket, summons, subpoena or court notice. Before the session starts, or once court begins, roll call is generally taken. If you arrive late, or if your name is not called, you should notify court personnel immediately. You may also wish to check the court calendar posted at the entrance to the courtroom to see if your matter is listed.
  • A case may be postponed to permit the Defendant to hire a lawyer, if the Defendant wishes to go ahead without a lawyer, the Judge will ask for his or her plea. If the Defendant pleads guilty, the Judge will ask questions regarding the offense charged to make sure there is good reason for the guilty plea.
  • If the Defendant pleads not guilty and all involved parties are present and prepared, the case will proceed to trial. Once the Judge has heard the testimony, he or she will decide if the Defendant is guilty, not guilty or if the case should be dismissed,
  • If the Defendant does not appear, a warrant may be issued and his or her driving privileges may be suspended. Witnesses will be notified through the mail when they are to return.
  • Notices of address changes: All parties to a particular case, whether you are the defendant, complainant or victim, must notify the court of any change, correction or addition to your current/correct address. All notices sent by this court are sent to the address of record. If your address is not correct or complete, you may not be notified of your court date. Please make sure that all address changes are made with both Motor Vehicle Services and the Municipal Court.