What is the garbage collection schedule?

Your weekly household trash collection day depends on where you live in Summit. View the collection schedule here. Trash is still collected on holidays. Trash should not be brought to the curb. It should be left up your driveway or near your garage. Please clear a path for crews to access trash containers. If containers are not accessible, crews will not remove trash. Bagged trash should be placed in your trash receptacle by or before 6AM on the day of collection. Garbage cans must be watertight metal or plastic cans with tight-fitting lids and must not weigh more than 75 pounds each. Crews will collect up to a maximum of four (4) 20-gallon cans per unit. Missed trash collections can be reported online for the fastest service using Report-A-Concern or by calling (908)-273-6404 during business hours.

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