What is the most current recycling information?

Effective July 1, 2022 curbside recycling is now single stream; items do not have to be separated. Paper/carboard items can be mixed in the same container(s) as glass/plastic items. Items can be placed in more than one container at the curb. The Recycling Flyer (PDF) contains information regarding what can be recycled curbside and at the Transfer Station. Place recycling curbside the night before or by 6AM on your collection day.

Pickup is no longer on Thursday citywide; it is now on the same day as residents' weekly trash collection. View the trash collection schedule here. There is no change to how trash collection operates.

When recycling collection falls on a holiday, every pickup that week after the holiday will be pushed to the next day. View the holiday recycling schedule here.

Glass, metal items, plastic marked 1, 2, and 5, mixed paper and carboard can be combined together. Items should be placed in a water-tight, covered bin(s). Wet paper and cardboard cannot be recycled and will not be accepted.

Missed recycling collections can be reported online for the fastest service using Report-A-Concern or by calling (908)-273-6404 during business hours. After reporting a missed pickup (phone or web), leave recycling in your pickup location. Missed collections take place the next day. 

Plastic bags are not accepted as recyclable material at this time nor should recycling materials be placed in plastic bags and left at the curb for collection.

View a list of acceptable items for recycling here.

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