At approximately 4AM on Monday, July 3, Summit Police Department (SPD) responded to a report of a burglary at two commercial establishments located at 529 Morris Ave. The incidents at Summit Bagel and Peking Garden are currently under investigation by the SPD Detective Bureau.

Video surveillance retrieved from the Summit Bagel premises indicates that two suspects were involved in the crime. The first suspect was clothed in a black Tommy Hilfiger hoodie, gray sweatpants, white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, black gloves, and had their face covered. The second suspect was dressed in a blue hoodie, black backpack, black sweatpants, black sneakers, and gray gloves, with a face covering.

The footage showed the suspects gaining access to the Summit Bagel premises through two unlocked entry doors. On the inside, they overcame a locked expandable security gate by climbing over it to reach the interior of the store. Once inside, the suspects forced open the cash register, extracting approximately $300 in cash. The suspects also broke into two file cabinets and took an estimated amount of $50,000 to $60,000 in cash.

An adjacent business, Peking Garden, was also burglarized. The suspects allegedly gained entrance to the restaurant by exerting force on the front door. They made away with an estimated $3,000 in cash from this business.

The SPD is actively investigating these incidents and encourages anyone with information related to these crimes to contact the Detective Bureau at 908-273-0051.

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