Summit Police Department is accepting applications to fill an immediate opening for a full-time, probationary police officer in its patrol unit.

The department is accepting applications for the position until May 5, 2023. Applications are available at the Summit Police Department located at 512 Springfield Avenue or in the employment section of the City of Summit website at

Applicants for the position must meet the following basic requirements:

• Valid certificate from a New Jersey PTC recognized police academy signifying completion of the Basic Course for Police Officer or active police academy (NJ PTC-BCPO) trainee.
• United States citizen and resident of the State of New Jersey with a valid New Jersey driver's license.
• Minimum of 60 college credits, or military service or two years of law enforcement service.
• Read, write, and speak the English language well and intelligently. Fluency in Spanish is a plus.
• Good moral character, and not convicted of any indictable offense, crime or offense involving moral turpitude.
• Ability to perform all tasks and duties of a police officer and meet age requirements as set forth by the NJ Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) and state statute.
• Pass a medical and psychological examination, and an extensive background investigation to include drug screening.

The starting salary is $56,952.00.

The City of Summit is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants with limited access to a computer can contact Nikki Griffiths at 908-277-9472 for further assistance.

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