Two separate unsuccessful attempts to steal vehicles in Summit on Monday, June 6.

At 1807 hours police responded to Rotary Drive on a report of three suspicious males possibly attempting to steal a car. A Rotary Drive resident had been driving home when she noticed a white Mercedes sedan stopped and idling in the middle of the street with the suspicious males crouching behind a bush a short distance away from a neighbor’s driveway. The witness began to repeatedly sound the horn of her vehicle to startle the suspects that fled the area in a waiting white Mercedes.

At approximately 2227 hours a Whittredge Road resident observed from a window a man running down her driveway towards the street where he entered a waiting white or silver sedan that drove off. It was later discovered that her unlocked Range Rover had been entered and rummaged through. Fortunately, the key fob had not been left in the vehicle, most likely preventing a theft.

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