Last night at approximately 8PM, a white 2007 Mercedes Benz was stolen from a Chapel Street driveway. The vehicle was unlocked with the key fob inside. A short time later, the vehicle was identified traveling on Diamond Hill Road in Berkeley Heights near the Route 78 entrance.

At approximately 5AM this morning, there was an unsuccessful attempt to steal a Mercedes Benz SUV from the driveway of a Hawthorne Place residence. The homeowner provided police with video surveillance footage of a suspect pulling the door handle of the parked SUV. Unable to open the door, the suspect fled the area. The vehicle was locked, with no key fob close by.

The SPD continues to aggressively address these issues, placing a high priority on increased residential patrols, both high visibility and covert, along with continued data driven operations, to include but not limited to surveillances of targeted areas and specific vehicles, and working closely with our law enforcement partners in other jurisdictions experiencing the same problems. But we need your help. Please remember to lock your car and remove the keys every time you park.

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