This week, Governor Phil Murphy has made several announcements regarding COVID-19 restrictions and testing. Here is a brief overview of some of the updates you may have missed:

NJ Transit has launched VAXRIDE, which is a program that offers free tickets for rides to and from COVID-19 vaccine appointments. To obtain these tickets, New Jersey residents can use the NJ Transit mobile app, can visit an NJ Transit customer service office, or can call NJ Transit customer service. VAXRIDE is valid for appointments at both public and private facilities. More information is offered at the NJ Transit website:

Governor Phil Murphy's Executive Order #238 is going into effect on May 7, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. This loosens restrictions on certain gatherings in New Jersey, including (but not limited to):

The number of individuals at outdoor gatherings will be increased to 500 people or fewer (e.g. religious services, funerals).

Restaurants, bars, and social clubs which hold catered events and where food is served outside, can hold up to 500 (excluding staff) people at the outside event if each individual can maintain six feet of distance.

Restaurants, bars, and social clubs which hold catered events and where food is served indoors (e.g. indoor weddings, proms), can hold up to 50% of the room's capacity, but cannot exceed 250 people (excluding staff).

Indoor gatherings (e.g. weddings, funerals etc...) will be able to hold up to 50% of the capacity of the room with a maximum of 250 people (excluding staff).

Outdoor venues with more than 1,000 seats, such as stadiums and concert venues, will be able to fill to 50% capacity.

The entirety of the executive order can be found at

Governor Phil Murphy announced that percentage-based capacity limits on businesses such as stores and restaurants will be lifted on May 19th. Similarly, all outdoor gathering limits will be removed. Indoor safety precautions will remain so patrons will still have to wear masks and maintain proper social distancing. Currently, indoor dining has a 50% capacity limit, while outdoor dining has no capacity limit as long as customers are socially distanced. Click the link for more information:

For more updates, be sure to navigate to and find our “What You Need to Know” section containing updates and resources regarding COVID-19 and its effects.

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