This afternoon at 3PM, Mayor Nora Radest, City Administrator Rogers and communications staff participated in a state-wide conference call with JCP&L to understand its storm preparation, response and how it plans to restore service to the 495,000 customers who remain without power, with more than 7,000 of them in Summit.

JCP&L is securing additional line resources from unaffected states. Its priority is to assess and repair high-voltage substation damage, re-energize the transmission lines and then determine problems along distribution lines.

JCP&L will provide global ETRs this afternoon, saying it “expects to have 90% of customers back in a few days.” Restoration times will be issued by municipality at some point on Thursday.

Our takeaway: this is not good news. We remain in close contact with Summit’s JCP&L regional representative and continue to strongly advocate for work here to be expedited.

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