Silver Summit Senior Citizen Advisory Committee


The mission of the Silver Summit Senior Citizens Advisory Committee is to coordinate, communicate, and deploy volunteers and organizations in an efficient and collaborative way, and establish a social safety net for our senior citizens to alleviate the burden of food insecurity in our senior population. It will provide information to senior residents on available resources provided by non-profits and the city, county, state, and federal governments to ensure the needs of seniors are being met. The committee will encourage communication among organizations to enhance collaboration and to eliminate gaps and duplicative efforts among organizations.

The Silver Summit Senior Citizens Advisory Committee shall consist of the following membership for a one-year term:

  • Mayor
  • Two Common Councilmembers
  • Two senior citizens from the community-at-large
  • Department of Community Programs Director or Designee

One representative from each of the following organizations:

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Silver Summit Senior Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Kaitlyn Kovar, SAGE Representative, Chair

Maria Tabone, Senior Citizen, Community-at- Large (1 of 2)

Linda Ross, Senior Citizen, Community-at-Large (2 of 2)

Mayor Nora Radest

Andy Minegar, Councilmember, 1 of 2

Lisa K. Allen, Councilmember, 2 of 2

Gretchen Masterfano, Department of Community Programs Designee

GRACE representative, Amanda Block

Housing Authority Board Member representative, Jacqueline Gray

Society Helping our Infirm and Elderly (SHIELD of Summit) representative, Tracy Keegan

Summit Area YMCA representative, Patty Facchinei

Summit Interfaith Council representative, Vernon Williams

The Connection representative, Pending