How to Help

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SHIELD of Summit

(Society Helping our Infirm and Elderly)

A group of neighbors, over 100 strong, have volunteered to go grocery shopping and pick up pressciptions for Summit’s elderly and immune compromised residents.

To Request Help from SHIELD of Summit

Atlantic Health Seeks Donations

Donate protective equipment to protect our extraordinary health care workers who are fighting COVID-19.

  • N95 Masks and KN95 Masks
  • General surgical masks (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Eye protectors
  • Face shields
  • Disposable gloves (vinyl and nitrile)
  • Surgical and isolation gowns, shoe covers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Thermometers
  • Testing swabs
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Ventilators
  • Ventilator accessories – circuit BIPAP
  • Crocs with no holes

If you are interested in dropping off donations, you can do so at one of our donation bins. If you have questions, please email Atlantic Health. Additionally, you may order these items online and have them delivered directly to Overlook Medical Center.

For full information on how you can support Atlantic Health/Overlook Medical Center, click here.

Make a Mask

Many members of our community have reached out and asked if they can help us by making masks. We created a video to show you how to make masks that can be used by those in health care spaces who are not taking care of patients with Coronavirus, but still may want additional protection. This will allow the professional protective gear to be used exclusively for healthcare professionals who are at higher risk of exposure. Learn how to make a facemask.


GRACE holds a weekly food distribution for Summit families in need. These next weeks are going to be intense. GRACE has already quadrupled their operations by adding a shelf stable component and the number of households they serve has almost doubled. GRACE will need your continued support. To donate please visit the Junior League webpage and designate your donation for GRACE.

All of what you give will go to an individual or a household in need. Thank you for all you have given and for your continued support!

YMCA Drive

In a time where “social distancing” is encouraged to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to remember those whose source of food access may be impacted. Join us as we come together to help those in need in our community.

Donate personal items, food and cleaning supplies by dropping them off at the Summit YMCA. All items will be collected and given to GRACE, Family promise and local families in need. YMCA drive info here.  

Front Line Appreciation Group of Summit (FLAG)

A new group, Front Line Appreciation Group of Summit (FLAG) has formed to provide meals to Overlook Hospital ER and ICU staff, and plans to start providing meals sourced from local restaurants to staff who can't access the hospital cafeteria. FLAG is taking donations via The Summit Foundation website. Click on the "Donate" button and select "FLAG of Summit" from the options list. Learn more on the FLAG of Summit Facebook page.

Other Fellow First Foundation Collection

The Other Fellow First Foundation’s Board of Directors states, "We cannot rely on Federal or State ’safety nets’. We must act on our own and act now. To that end, the Foundation commits to donate $25,000 to this effort and hope that our neighbors will join us, too. Time and time again, Summit has proven itself to be a small city with a huge heart. 

Knowing that early and aggressive measures will help mitigate the blow, the Other Fellow First Foundation is working closely with Mayor Nora Radest to identify local organizations that provide life-sustaining services to the neediest of our community. These include:

  • SAGE Eldercare’s ’Meals on Wheels’ program - which provides a vital link to many of the community’s vulnerable elderly members.
  • Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad - which is always there when needed. The Squad has many needs right now, and is making the best of a tough situation.
  • Summit’s food assistance programs (GRACE, SHIP, Loaves & Fishes) - which fight food insecurity in the community need support now more than ever.