COVID-19 Coronavirus Response


All city buildings are now open but members of the public are encouraged to conduct business remotely. Contact information for city departments is available through the staff directory or by calling 908-277-9400.

The City of Summit continues to take proactive measures—following the guidance of public health and government agencies—to safeguard the health and safety of our community.  Masks are required to enter all city buildings and facilities, no exceptions. Social distancing guidelines will also enforced.


Call in number, for Union County Residents Only for testing site appointments 908-214-7107. 

Statistics as of Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Total number of positive cases in Summit, NJ: 252
Total number of deaths in Summit, NJ: 17
Total number of positive cases in New Jersey: 205,275
Total number of positive cases in Union County: 17,727
Total number of deaths in New Jersey: 14,335
Total number of deaths in Union County: 1,189

NJ COVID Information Hub

What You Need to Know

child care

New Child Care Assistance Program

Applications now open for new State of NJ COVID-19 child care tuition assistance program created to help families with child care costs as schools open remotely. The $150 million program will provide child care tuition assistance to NJ families with incomes up to $75,000 that are in need of either full or part-time child care due to their child's remote learning schedule. Apply for assistance by completing online application at Need proof of income and a notice from their child's school of remote learning schedule.


How do I know if I am an asymptomatic carrier?

The only definitive way to know if you have COVID-19 is by getting tested. Testing is now available to everyone in New Jersey. Find a testing location near you by visiting If you cannot get tested, you should assume you are a carrier if you have had direct contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient and you should self-quarantine for 14 days after direct contact.

Travel quarantine

Travel Advisory Update

September 22, 2020 - People traveling to NJ from states with significant community spread of COVID-19 are asked to quarantine for 14-days from time of last contact in area. Travel advisory applies to persons arriving from area with  positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents or a state with a 10 percent or higher positivity rate over 7-day rolling average. Currently 35 states meeting criteria: Alabama; Alaska; Arkansas; Arizona; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Guam; Iowa; Idaho; Indiana; Illinois; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Minnesota; Missouri; Mississippi; Montana; North Carolina; North Dakota; Nebraska; Nevada; Oklahoma; Puerto Rico; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Virginia; Wisconsin; West Virginia; and Wyoming.


Gyms and Fitness Center reopen with restrictions

All gyms and fitness centers may reopen indoor and outdoor spaces so long as they follow required social distancing and other safety protocols. This also applies to health club facilities located in hotels, motels, condominiums, cooperatives, and corporate offices. More information on protocols and what to expect in indoor and outdoor spaces


Restaurants may reopen with the following restrictions

Food or beverage establishments may open, including restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and food courts, as well as all holders of a liquor license with retail consumption privileges. Establishments must follow appropriate mitigation requirements detailed in the Department of Health's Protocols for Outdoor Dining, Executive Order No. 157, Executive Order No. 183, and the Department of Health's Health and Safety Standards for Indoor Dining.


Grants for Landlords of Small Residential Properties

The Small Landlord Emergency Grant (SLEG) Program will reimburse small residential rental property owners for lost rent revenue due to COVID-19 between April and July 2020, as long as they agree to forgive outstanding back rent and late fees that their tenant accrued during this time. The application portal will open on Wednesday, August 19 at 9AM and remain open until Wednesday, August 26 at 1PM. More information:

self isolating

Information on self quarantine for visitors from the following states

New Jersey welcomes travel to and from our state. However, to save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the State has issued an incoming travel advisory that all individuals entering New Jersey from states with a significant spread of COVID-19 should quarantine for 14-days after leaving that state. List of states where 14-day quarantine applies:

mask website

In New Jersey, individuals must wear face coverings:

  • in outdoor public spaces when social distancing is not possible;
  • in indoor spaces open to the public, including retail, recreational, and entertainment businesses, government buildings open to the public, and on public transportation; and
  • in indoor commercial spaces closed to the public, including office buildings, when individuals are in prolonged proximity to others.
kids masks(1)

Mask information continued

There are exceptions for children under two years old, for eating and drinking at outdoor dining establishments, when individuals need to briefly remove face coverings for religious reasons, and when wearing a mask would endanger one’s health, including when engaging high intensity aerobic/anaerobic activities and when in water. The outdoor face covering requirement does not apply to child care centers, other center care facilities, and youth summer camps, which must follow their own specific guidance.

Union County(1)

Union County Covid-19 Relief Grant Program for small businesses

The grant program makes available $2 million in CARES Act relief funds. Out of this funding, the program will provide grants up to $20,000 to eligible small businesses to cover three months rent, property mortgage, utility and insurance expenses. The grant is available to small businesses located within boundaries of Union County with 25 or fewer employees prior to COVID emergency.

Untitled design(18)

NJ Dept of Labor and Workforce Development extending unemployment to NJ workers who have exhausted state and federal jobless benefits.

July 1, 2020  – The state extension kicks in after claimants exhaust up to 26 weeks of state unemployment plus 13 weeks of federal Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). The additional 20 weeks of benefits brings to 59 the maximum number of weeks an eligible claimant may receive in benefits at this time. Claimants will be automatically enrolled into extended benefits as their federal extension ends. They do not need to contact an agent or reapply.

COVID Road to Recovery

Nonessential retail, outdoor dining, child care, and library curbside pickup reopen Monday, June 15

Department of Health Guidance for Retail Businesses
Department of Health Guidance for Restaurants and Bars
Department of Health Protocols for Outdoor Dining
State of New Jersey Guidance for Utilization of Outdoor Space

for rent

Statewide Open Enrollment for COVID-19 EMERGENCY RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CVERAP) opens on Monday, July 6 at 9AM to Friday, July 10 at 5PM

The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (CVERAP) will provide temporary rental assistance to low- and moderate-income households that have had a substantial reduction in income or became unemployed due the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants may be eligible for a maximum of up to six months of emergency rental assistance. All participants will be selected through an online lottery process. For more information:


Stay at home order is lifted. Social distancing and face masks must continue.

June 9, 2020 - Indoor gatherings must be at 25% of building capacity or 50 people whichever is fewer. Faith gatherings can begin on Friday, June 12. *This does not pertain to indoor dining. Outdoor gathering limits are increasing to 100 people (limits exempt when people exercising first amendment rights or when attending outdoor religious services). Outdoor capacity will increase to 250 on June 22. Outdoor capacity will increase to 500 on July 3. For more information:

Untitled design(14)

NJ enters Phase Two of the Road to Recovery with relaxed restrictions

Phased-in businesses and activities, with adherence to safeguarding and modification guidelines, include: Outdoor dining (beginning on June 15), limited in-person retail (beginning on June 15), hair salons and barber shops (beginning on June 22), youth summer programs (beginning on July 6), limited fitness/gyms, government services and museums/libraries (to be announced soon). All workers who can work from home should continue to work from home.

New Jersey(2)

Gatherings up to 25 persons following social distancing guidelines permitted 

Gatherings must be limited to no more than 25 people, with all attendees remaining outdoors at all times during the gathering, with the exception of restroom use. All attendees are required to be six feet apart from other attendees at all times, excluding family and household members, caretakers, or romantic partners. No organized or contact sports allowed. All individuals at the gathering should wear face coverings at all times when unable to consistently maintain six feet of distance, in accordance with CDC recommendations. NJ Executive Order 148.


NJMVC Further Extends Driver License, Registration, and Inspection Expiration Dates Due to COVID-19

Deadlines for these documents, if expiring between March 13 and May 31, have been extended to July 31. Documents expiring June 30 are extended two months to August 31, and those expiring July 31 are extended to September 30

vote 2020

Elections Changes in New Jersey due to COVID-19 

May 15, 2020 - This will primarily be a vote-by-mail election, however the State will ensure that a limited number of in-person polling places each county will be open to ensure that everyone can exercise their right to vote. All registered Democratic and Republican voters will automatically receive a postage-paid vote-by-mail ballot. All unaffiliated and inactive voters will automatically receive a postage-paid vote-by-mail ballot application. Executive Order 144

steps to reopen(1)

Non-essential businesses and construction allowed to resume

May 13, 2020 - By Executive Order 142 and effective at 6AM on Monday, May 18, non-essential construction projects may resume with appropriate safeguards in place, non-essential retail stores may reopen for online or phone ordering and curbside pickup only, and drive-through and drive-in events such as movies and church services may resume under social distancing guidelines and if participants remain in cars.

State of emergency(1)

New Jersey public health state of emergency has been extended. 

May 6, 2020 - On March 9, Governor Murphy declared both a state of emergency and a public health emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 7, Governor Murphy extended the public health state of emergency for an additional 30 days.Today he extended it another 30 days.This public health state of emergency may continue to be extended until a determination is made that an emergency no longer exists.


Public schools closed for in-person instruction for remainder of school year

May 4, 2020. Governor Murphy announced today that all public schools in New Jersey will remain closed for in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.          

SNAP benefits

SNAP Assistance During Coronavirus

Many New Jersey residents that receive food assistance through NJ SNAP will receive a higher benefit in May to help address critical food needs related to the COVID‐19 pandemic.The added benefit will be added directly to an EBT card. Go to: for more information or view the flyer.


State and county parks to open May 2 along with golf courses

Effective at sunrise on Saturday, May 2 and by executive order, the State of New Jersey is reopening all state and county parks, and will allow golf courses to reopen. Social distancing will continue to be mandated. 


Court Sessions to Resume Remotely

The New Jersey State Court has issued an order for municipal court sessions to resume beginning April 27, 2020, with the consent of all parties. Effective May 11, 2020, all sessions will proceed remotely by video conference or phone. Details for Summit, New Providence and Berkeley Heights will be issued soon. For more information:


Important Information from the Division of Unemployment Insurance

April 23, 2020 - The Department of Labor created a new web portal that allows New Jersey residents to contact the Department of Labor directly. This is a helpful tool for residents who have questions about their applications.

white house(1)

Opening Up America Again guidelines from the White House

April 16, 2020 - Guidelines for Opening Up America Again is a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps are indicated to help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting people back to work, and continuing to protect American lives.

cable internet

EO 126 prohibits termination of cable and internet service

Executive Order 126 prohibits telecommunications providers from terminating Internet and voice service due to nonpayment until 30 days after current public health emergency has ended. Order mandates that service downgrades, service reductions, or late fees due to nonpayment are prohibited unless imposed in accordance with policy approved by NJ Board of Public Utilities. Additionally, any Internet or voice service disconnected after March 16 due to nonpayment must be reconnected.


Online tool to answer questions for business impacted by COVID-19

April 10, 2020 - The NJ Business Action Center (NJBAC), in partnership with the NJEDA and the Office of Innovation, have set up a special website with a live chat feature to answer business questions related to COVID-19. The website is


NJMVC remains closed, online options available

All New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission  agencies, road testing, and inspection facilities remain closed to the public  as a measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. All driver licenses, non-driver IDs, vehicle registrations, and inspection stickers  expiring before May 31 have been extended by two months. Most  renewals, replacements, changes of address, and other transactions can be  processed online at


Frequently asked questions by New Jersey workers during the COVID-19 emergency

Provides useful information on unemployment benefits, insurance and eligibility, paid leave, family leave and more. View FAQs here.

Scam alert

Combatting COVID-19 coronavirus scams and fraud

April 9, 2020 - Be aware that criminals are attempting to exploit COVID-19 worldwide through a variety of scams.The US Department of Justice is remaining vigilant in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting wrongdoing related to the crisis, and has established hotlines by phone at 866-720-5721 or email to combat COVID-19 coronavirus fraud, as well as acts of hoarding and price gouging. For more information:


Executive Order 122 impacts construction and essential retail

April 9, 2020 - Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 122, ceasing all non-essential construction projects and imposing additional mitigation requirements on essential retail businesses and essential industries to limit the spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey. The order also outlines specific protections and policies for all essential retail, manufacturing, and warehousing businesses, as well as businesses engaged in essential construction projects.Municipal construction guidance


Primary elections postponed to Tuesday, July 7

April 8, 2020 - Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 120, postponing primary elections on Tuesday, June 2nd to Tuesday, July 7th in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This includes primaries for President, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the 25th District of the New Jersey Legislature, and county and municipal elections, as well as county committee elections.

State of emergency

New Jersey public health state of emergency has been extended. 

April 8, 2020 - On March 9, Governor Murphy declared both a state of emergency and a public health emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 7, Governor Murphy extended the public health state of emergency for an additional 30 days.This public health state of emergency may be extended until a determination is made that an emergency no longer exists.

sustain summit fund REV2

Community raising money to support local small businesses in Summit impacted by COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak

April 7, 2020 - Mayor Nora Radest (video message) in partnership with The Summit Foundation and Summit Downtown, Inc. (SDI) has established the Sustain Summit Fund, an emergency assistance grant program. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. 

cloth mask

CDC Recommends Wearing Face Masks in Public 

April 4, 2020 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  recommends people wear cloth or fabric face coverings when making essential trips into public spaces. Recommendation to wear masks in public is voluntary and will help prevent people who are asymptomatic with COVID-19 from spreading the infection. CDC recommends constructing your own cloth mask to help ensure access by doctors and nurses to medical-grade surgical or N95 masks amid a widespread shortage of personal protective equipment.


Information and resources for NJ Businesses impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak

March 31, 2020 - The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has created an information hub to stabilize and support local businesses impacted by the 2019 novel coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.View flyer 

Drive thru screening

Drive thru screening open for Union County residents 

March 30, 2020 - Union County residents, first responders and health care workers with COVID-19 symptoms advised to call 908-373-5105 to speak with a triage nurse (no walk-ins admitted). When appointment scheduled, proceed to drive thru testing center. No prescription or doctor’s visit required. More information

COVID-19 Instructions

Instructions and next steps following a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 

March 30, 2020 - The Westfield Regional Health Department is providing guidance on what to do next following a positive test result for COVID-19 coronavirus.

white house

Federal social distancing guidelines extended through April 30

March 29, 2020 - President Trump announced that Americans must continue to avoid nonessential travel, going to work, eating at bars and restaurants, or gathering in groups of more than 10 for at least another month and perhaps until June.


CDC Issues Domestic Travel Advisory

CDC urges NJ, NY and CT residents to avoid non-essential domestic travel for 14 days. Advisory does not apply to employees of critical infrastructure industries, including but not limited to trucking, public health, financial services, and food supply. CDC Media Statement


Summit Police enforcing social distancing

March 28, 2020 - Summit Police Department is enforcing social distancing guidelines critical to containing COVID-19 virus by dispersing small groups of people on streets and in public spaces. Enforcement measures in response to observed lack of compliance to State of NJ emergency order.  Full news release              

grocery store

NJ Dept of Health guidance for entering essential  businesses

March 27, 2020 - If you must leave home to access essential goods, go at non-peak times, keep distance from other customers, keep visits brief, and go alone if possible. When shopping and standing in line, keep six feet between customrs and staff. Individuals with symptoms such as fever or a cough, have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or undergoing quarantine for potential exposure, should not enter a retail store.

New Jersey podiumGovernor Murphy announces statewide stay at home order, closing all non-essential retail businesses

March 21, 2020 - Only critical businesses may remain open. All other retail businesses must close, businesses must move to 100% work-from-home if possible. Public ordered to stay at home. All gatherings canceled. Info on businesses allowed to stay open.

8113_8633866573_850f95c349Summit Public Schools to offer meals to all Summit residents under age 18

March 20, 2020 - All residents under the age of 18 regardless of their school or eligibility in Free/Reduced Meal Programs are eligible for breakfast and lunch “grab-and-go” meals at pick-up locations at Summit High School and Jefferson School from 8AM to 10AM daily. Click here for more info. 

UnknownImportant tax appeal filing deadline extensions

March 20, 2020 - Important information from the Supreme Court of New Jersey for corporate and residential taxpayers on property tax appeal filing deadlines in New Jersey: Deadlines to file county tax board and state tax court appeals for corporate and residential property has been extended to May 1, 2020 or 30 days following a determination by the Governor of the State of New Jersey to end the existing State of Emergency.

Summit downtown(1)Designated Parking Spaces in Downtown Summit for Curbside Pickup

March 20, 2020 - In a combined effort to support local businesses, the City of Summit Parking Services Agency is working with Summit Downtown Inc. to provide designated parking spaces in downtown Summit to facilitate curbside pickup of items ordered by customers from businesses either online or by telephone. Designated parking spaces will be indicated by signs reading, “Curbside Pickup Only” and are reserved for patronsof businesses offering this service. If a vehicle is parked in a curbside pickup space for more than 15 minutes, it may be issued a parking violation.

State of NJ Essential Guidance