Hourly Parking

Come to Summit for a wide array of entertainment and shopping from unique boutiques, excellent restaurants, outside dining, a movie theater, the Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, New Jersey Transit, Summit Area YMCA, Village Green, Farmers Market all within walking distance in Downtown Summit.  

Summit offers metered street parking for $.50 an hour. Time limits range from 15-minutes EXPRESS, 30-minutes, 90-minutes, 2-hours, 3-hours, 5-hours and 12-hours all located within the Summit's Business District. The EXPRESS parking is $.25 for 15-minutes.Fees are required Monday through Saturday, 8 AM - 6 PM. 
For parking lot locations, see Parking Map

New Paid Parking Program - Effective July 1, 2013
ONE-HOUR FREE! See full rates below.
Park & enjoy your time in Downtown Summit - no need to rush

  • DeForest Avenue Lots - NEW - Ticket Free Zone !!
  • 30-Minutes free for easy in and out shopping
  • Increasing fee starting at $1.00 per hour
  • Pay with cash, credit card, or your smart phone  - see below for payment options
    See your local merchant to see how you earn "Customer Rewards Coupons"

Fees will be required for parking in the DeForest Avenue Parking Lots. Ambassadors will be on hand in each lot assisting customers Fees are required Monday through Saturday, 8 AM - 6 PM. Parking is free after 6 PM and all day on Sundays and parking holidays. There are various ways to pay, either by coins, bills, credit cards or through Parkmobile. 

 DeForest Lots

 Effective July 1, 2013
New Parking Rates
 One-Hour free parking
First Hour                         FREE

 90-Minutes or less    $  1.00
  2-Hours or less          $  2.00
  3-Hours or less          $  3.00
  4-Hours or less          $  4.00
  5-Hours or less          $  5.00

  6-Hours or less          $10.00
  7-Hours or less          $12.00
  8-Hours or less          $20.00
  9-Hours or less          $25.00
10-Hours or less         $30.00
10-Hours or more       $30.00
Lost Ticket                      $30.00

                     MONDAY – SATURDAY
                          8 AM – 6 PM

Visitor parking locations:

  #1 – Park & Shop Lot 1 - Paid Parking - hourly fee
  #2 – Park & Shop Lot 2 - Paid Parking - hourly fee
  #3 – Park & Shop Lot 3 - Paid Parking - hourly fee
  #4 –Tier Garage–Ground Level - Paid Parking for 2-hours only
  #5 – Bank Street Lot – Paid Parking for 90–minutes only


2012 -
FAQ's and  Plans
Improvements made:

  • Safer aisles, traffic and pedestrian patterns
  • Wider spaces and new striping 
  • Additional ADA Handicapped Spaces
  • Improved signage - wayfinding and "lot full" signs
  • Lighting improvements
  • More trees, beautiful plantings and more "green space"
  • Future room for electric charging stations and car-sharing program
  • Bike racks and recycle bins.