Planning & Zoning

Due to the complex nature of construction projects, property and land development work requires prior approval by the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Adjustment. Planning & Zoning is overseen by the Division of Code Administration

Post Office site redevelopment study report

Downtown Planning Study DRAFT Report Released

The City of Summit and its Planning Board have initiated a comprehensiveplanning study of downtown Summit and immediate surrounding areas.  A draft report of study findings has been released.

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The Technical Review Committee has specific  for submission and review.


Useful Links:

City of Summit Master Plan 2000
City of Summit Master Plan Re-examination 2006


Zoning Review Form
Property Owners List Request Form


Planning Board Application

Zoning Board Application


Development Regulations Ordinance (DRO)
Schedule of Space Regulations, updated 2010


Zoning Map
Map of Central Retail Business District
Downtown Planning Study>Overview w/ Map



Planning & Zoning, Code Administration: Gary Lewis  908-273-6408

Zoning Officer: Christa Anderson  908-273-6407